March 2007 ILA/ACRL Newsletter

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ACRL National Affiliate Initiatives:
ARL/ACRL Institute on Scholarly Communication. July 18-20, 2007 in Washington , DC . For more information and to apply, visit their website.
ACRL Legislative Advocates. ACRL is attempting to develop a network of legislative advocates by identifying one "LA" for each Congressional District. Applications are due by April 6, 2007 . Click here for details.
Campus Advocacy: Involving All Staff in Influencing Campus Dynamics. This workshop is free but limited to 60 participants and will be held March 30 at the ACRL National Conference in Baltimore . Watch the website for more details, or contact Mary Jane Petrowski


President's Piece

Welcome to 2007 ACRL! Our Awards Committee has two new initiatives this year: the new Iowa ACRL Research Award and the new Iowa ACRL Public Relations Grant. The Research Award will recognize excellence in a research publication/presentation by one of our members, and the Public Relations Grant will fund a library PR initiative led by an Iowa ACRL member. Plans for implementing these two awards will be a major project of the awards committee. [See article below for more on these awards.]

The conference committee is planning a wonderful day for our members at Grinnell on Friday, March 23. Pam Snelson, current ACRL President, will keynote. Pam is College Librarian at Franklin and Marshall College . She has a particularly strong interest in the teaching role of librarians. In addition, the committee had many proposals for concurrent sessions. We can expect a dynamic program.

The ILA By-Laws committee is considering our a proposal to make a by-laws change that would give us flexibility in expanding the size of committees. Our current by-laws specify an exact and inflexible number of members for each committee. As we develop new initiatives like those that the Awards Committee is working on this year, we will need the flexibility to expand committees and get more people involved. There will be a membership vote on this change at our March business meeting. Our by-laws can be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership present at any business meeting of the chapter.

The membership committee is also hard at work. If you have colleagues who are not members, please be sure to encourage them to join. There are many good reasons to be a member:

. Networking: Many of us can attest to the professional and personal benefits gained from getting to know other librarians in our state.

. Conferences: Membership means reduced conference fees for both the Iowa ACRL conference in the spring and the Iowa Library Association conference in the fall. Conferences this year are in Grinnell and Iowa City .

. Professional involvement: Our new awards will encourage members to engage in professional work particularly in either research or public relations.

. Iowa ACRL listserv: Members may participate in the Iowa ACRL listserv-an opportunity to share with colleagues nearby challenges and ideas focused on college and university librarianship

See you in Grinnell!!

Jean Donham, ILA/ACRL President


ILA/ACRL Spring Conference, March 23rd at Grinnell College: Work Worth Doing: The Value of Academic Libraries for the 21st Century

Friday, March 23, 2007 at Grinnell College

3 Great Reasons to Attend...

1) The Conference Keynote Speaker will be Pamela Snelson, President of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and College Librarian at Franklin and Marshall College. Her talk is titled "What Do We Know About the Value of Academic Libraries? What Should We Know?"

2) Librarians from around Iowa will also give presentations about their work.

3) See the beautiful campus of Grinnell College in springtime!*

*Trees in bloom and student happily reading while lounging on grass are subject to weather and other variables beyond the control of ILA/ACRL!

PLEASE NOTE: Registrations will be accepted as late as the day of the conference (checks only), but lunch will not be guaranteed for those registering after Friday, March 9. No refunds will be issued for cancellations after March 9.

Spring Conference Schedule

Spring Conference Registration


Membership Reminder...

Don't forget to check the Iowa Chapter ACRL box when you renew your ILA membership! If you have already renewed with ILA and forgot to check the box for ACRL, you can send Laurie Hews a check for $5 with ILA/ACRL on the memo line and she will add you to the list. ( Iowa Library Association, 3636 Westown Pkwy #202 , West Des Moines , IA   50266 ). Benefits of membership include the electronic newsletter, a membership directory, and access to the ILA/ACRL listserv, reduced conference registration rates. (Spring Conference registration is under way, the fee for nonmembers of ILA/ACRL is $65 and only $50 for members.)


It's a Major Award! (Two actually!!)

ILA/ACRL Research Award

A $500 grant will be awarded to an ILA/ACRL Chapter member for a presented or published scholarly work. A qualifying presented paper must be text-based and have been delivered at a regional, national or international conference.

A qualifying published paper is to have appeared in a scholarly journal. A qualifying book is to be scholarly in nature. The subject matter of the work need not be library-related. The submission should have been published or presented at a conference since December 1 2005 .

A call for applications will go out October 1, 2007 , and announced again at the business meeting at the ILA Annual Fall Conference in Coralville. Applications will be due December 15, 2007 . We will make the decisions by mid January 2008; winners will be officially announced at the ILA/ACRL Spring Meeting in 2008. The winner will be invited to discuss their research at the 2008 ILA/ACRL spring meeting.

Please jot this date down and be looking for the call in October.

ILA/ACRL Public Relations and Marketing Grant

A $500 grant will be awarded to the best Public Relations/Marketing proposal and the monies awarded will be used to implement the project Applicants must be Iowa academic or research libraries.

This award will be offered every other year. This year, the call for proposals will go out at our spring meeting in 2007 in Grinnell. Proposals will be due by July 31 and the winner of the grant will announced at the ILA/ACRL business meeting at the 2007 ILA annual fall conference in Coralville.

We look forward to reviewing the work and ideas of our colleagues throughout the state!

Submitted by Rebecca Stuhr, Awards Committee chair

Survey on Education Opportunities

The ILA/ACRL Education Task Force is charged with identifying (1) the status of educational opportunities for library staff in Iowa , (2) the key players in education for library staff, and (3) collaborating to promote the development of educational opportunities. It is also charged with investigating and reporting ways that academic libraries can promote literacy and life-long learning for all Iowans. Please help us accomplish these goals by filling out this survey, and submitting it by March 16, 2007 . Thanks in advance for your help! The Committee includes: Susan Moore, Linda Nelson, Sheryl Taylor, Jennifer Wolfe, and Jane Campagna.

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