ILA/ACRL Newsletter, vol. 7, no. 3. November 1997


Your outgoing President now fully understands those New Year's decorations showing the bouncing January baby that changes into a much older figure by the end of the year. As the year raced by, I sometimes felt like the "older figure." But with the help of my hard-working Executive Board and an active membership, the Iowa Chapter realized a number of accomplishments in 1997.

110 people registered for our Spring Conference in Iowa City on April 25, 1997 and heard national ACRL President Bill Miller tell us that digital isn't the answer to everything. Along with the dessert buffet, we enjoyed contributed papers on a variety of topics. It was a chance to meet and greet librarians from literally every corner of the state, and a number of students from the UI School of Library and Information Science as well.

Thanks to the work of Lissa Lord and Paul Soderdahl at the University of Iowa, the Chapter established a listserv (IA-ACRL) in 1997 and began using it for both official business and items of general interest to Iowa's academic and research librarians. We published our newsletter on both our web site and the listserv. After studying the question of how to integrate and consolidate our print and electronic publications, the Chapter's Executive Board committed to a one-year trial program to issue the newsletter only in electronic format, to be available on both the listserv and the web page. There will be a few copies printed from the web version, to be retained for archival purposes and sent to board members and committee chairs for ILA and national ACRL Chapter's Council. Thus, this will be the last paper newsletter you will receive for at least one year, and I would assume the newsletter will evolve somewhat from its paper appearance to fit into the more immediate communication possibilities of an electronic format. The Executive Board will be dealing with the resulting editorial and communication issues of this change during 1998. One immediate positive result will be a savings of several hundred dollars on printing and mailing.

During the year, a committee (composed of members from ACRL Chapters in Iowa and Nebraska) began planning a joint Iowa-Nebraska Chapters' conference, to be held at Drake University next May 7 and 8. We applied for and received a national ACRL grant to support funding of a half-day conference on May 7, emphasizing paraprofessional/ support staff issues in academic libraries. You will be hearing more about this conference, which will feature Larry Oberg on Thursday, May 7, and Clifford Lynch (from the Center for Networked Information) on Friday, May 8.

Other 1997 Chapter activities included: creation of live links to e-mail addresses listed in the web version of the 1997 Directory (thanks to Jeff Kushkowski from ISU); sponsorship (in part with ILA/GODORT) of very well received ILA Fall Conference programs; conference scholarships awarded to library students and a librarian new to Iowa's academic libraries; distribution of a survey on staff development needs in Iowa's academic and research libraries; Chapter by-laws revision (in progress) to reflect both consistency with general ILA wording and natural changes in Chapter organization; ILA/ACRL Executive Board approval of a one-time resource sharing grant, to assist Iowa's private libraries in establishing consortial arrangements with vendors of indexing systems.

All in all, the Chapter has completed a productive year. Thank you all for giving me this chance to lead the Chapter in 1997. I enjoyed almost all of it and especially enjoyed those times of meeting members in informal situations. I encourage you all to get involved with the business of the Iowa Chapter. The people are wonderful to work with, and the work is rewarding. Best of luck to new President Mary Beveridge and to her successor Chris Neuhaus.

-- Mary McInroy, 1997 ILA/ACRL President

University of Iowa


During the past two years electronic communication has become increasingly important for ILA/ACRL just as it has in all of our professional life. The Chapter's website and listserv have made it possible to disseminate information to the membership quickly and efficiently. A heartfelt thanks goes out to the ad hoc Electronic Communication Committee which has made this possible through much hard work:

Barbara Allen, UNI (Chair)

Chris Neuhaus, UNI

Sandy Ballasch, UI

Jeff Kushkowski, ISU

Lissa Lord, UI

The Committee was originally formed in 1995 as the ad hoc Web Committee. In 1996 Lissa Lord, listserv manager, joined the Committee and its responsibilities were expanded to include the listserv with a change to its current name to reflect these new responsibilities. Under a proposed change in the Chapter's bylaws this Committee will now become permanent as the Electronic Information Committee.

Another change in 1998 will be the distribution of the ILA/ACRL newsletter, on a trial basis, in electronic form only. As printing and postage costs have risen, distribution of the print version of the newsletter has consumed an increasing portion of the Chapter's funds. If the electronic distribution trial is successful it should free up dollars for other activities such as bringing excellent speakers and other educational opportunities to Iowa.

Plans are moving ahead for the 1998 Joint Spring Conference at Drake with the Nebraska Chapter. The half-day conference on May 7 will focus on paraprofessionals in libraries with Larry Oberg of Willamette University as keynote speaker. Publicity for the conference was distributed at the ILA Fall Conference and the ILA Support Staff Roundtable voiced interest in assisting with the planning. Please spread the word and encourage your paraprofessional colleagues to participate either as presenters or attendees. The Friday, May 8 meeting will be a full day meeting featuring Clifford Lynch of ARL's Coalition for Networked Information. Watch the ILA/ACRL listserv and website for further developments. The call for papers is included in the present issue of the Newsletter.

-- Mary Beveridge, 1998 ILA/ACRL President

Drake University


Members of the Nominating Committee counted votes on October 28. Results are as follows:

Vice-President/President Elect:

Chris Neuhaus (University of Northern Iowa)


Daria Bossman (Morningside College)

Member-at-Large (1998-1999):

Richard Reitsma (Northwestern College)

More than 50% of the membership voted. This was probably one of the closest elections ever recorded in ILA/ACRL which is a tribute to the high quality of the candidates. Many thanks to all who agreed to run for office and to the Nominating Committee:

Susan Marks, (UI)

Susan Vega-Garcia (ISU)

Karen Dole (NIACC)

Cynthia Dyer (Simpson)

Mary Beveridge, Chair (Drake)

--Mary Beveridge, Chair

Nominating Committee



Linda Scarth, Chair (Mount Mercy)

Kristin Gerhard (ISU)

Sandra Keist (Grand View)

Jim Knutson (William Penn)

Joan Leysen (ISU)

John Wynstra (UNI)

Ann Ford (UI)

Marilyn Metzgar (American Institute of Commerce)


Randy Roeder, Chair (Coe)

Ruth Christ (UI)

Ann Klavano (Buena Vista)

Beth Clausen (UNI)

Phil Hjemboe (Iowa Wesleyan)

Molaan Mosell (ISU)

Deborah Seiffert (NE Ia CC)

Lissa Lord (UI)


Margaret Emons, Chair (Iowa Central CC)

John Schacht (UI)

Leo Clougherty (UI)

Susan Moore (UNI)

George Mullally (UI)

Randall Schroeder (Wartburg)

Mark Stumme (Drake)

Marilyn Metzgar (American Institute of Commerce)


Chris Neuhaus (ILA/IACRL Vice President), Chair (UNI)

Leo Clougherty (UI)

Karen Dole (NIACC)

Cynthia Dyer (Simpson)

Beth Clausen (UNI)

Fall Program

Katherine Martin, Chair (UNI)

John Pollitz (St. Ambrose)

Betty Rogers(Coe)

Selina Lin (UI)

Spring Conference Program

Ellen Neuhaus, Chair (UNI)

Liga Briedis (Drake)

Kathy Parsons (ISU)

Barbara Corson (Drake)

Pam Collins (Iowa Western CC)

Charlene Lehman (U of Iowa)


Mary McInroy, Chair (UI)

Carolynne Lathrop (U of Dubuque)

Donna Hirst (UI)

Eeva Hoch (UI)

Barbara Weeg (UNI)

Staff Development

Rachel Crowley, Chair (Westmar)

Karl Schaefer (Drake)

Stanley Lyle (UNI)

Dorothy Persson (UI)

Rod Henshaw (Drake)

Evelyn Oltmanns (Westmar)

--Mary Beveridge, Chair

Nominating Committee


Nancy Kranich, Associate Dean, New York University Library, NYC spoke on protecting and promoting the public's right to know in all situations, conditions and formats at the 1997 ILA Fall Conference. Her presentation entitled "Ensuring the Public's Right to Know in a Digital Age: Librarians Make It Happen" was sponsored by ILA-ACRL and Government Documents Roundtable. The main thrust was and is to always stand for basic principles of intellectual freedom.

The principles Ms. Kranich feels are most important are: intellectual access, rights of privacy, protecting intellectual property rights, ubiquity of access and equity of access. She stressed that librarians and others interested in access issues cannot be neutral.

She outlined the ten step program which should be part of librarians helping to ensure all of our rights to know. First, know the issues and be aware that friends are sometimes enemies. Remember the core values of our profession. The third is building consensus in the library community. Agree to oppose and work hard at proposing. Building coalitions is the fourth step.

The fifth step is to publicize your concerns and build a positive attitude. The sixth is an umbrella of documenting needs, evaluating and participating in the public policy process. Seeking and winning grants while partnering with other groups is seventh. Eighth is to evaluate these programs and be able to state why the right to know is important. Protecting "fair use" which is threatened in international agreements and at home is ninth. Last is setting the terms of the discourse. Say what we want loudly, firmly and unequivocally.

We know how fragile the right to know is with unusable formats, high fees, self-destructing materials, proprietary restraints and market driven limits on production and access. Knowing this we must act.

As follow-up to Nancy Kranich's presentation, a panel moderated by Daria Bossman, Morningside College continued the discussion of librarians' working to ensure the public's right to know in a digital age. Beth Clausen, University of Northern Iowa, Carolyn Kohler, University of Iowa, and Linda Scarth, Mount Mercy College shared some of their approaches to providing access especially to government documents and information.

In spite of size differences there are underlying similarities among the three institutions based on the principles mentioned by Nancy Kranich. Electronic access is very important to each institution and to their users. Educating about the fragility of that access is important if we are to build coalitions of and with our users.

Karen Mason, Curator of the Iowa Women's Archives in the University of Iowa Libraries, was the final ILA/ACRL speaker at this year's meeting. Her illustrated presentation, "Remembering the Forgotten Women in Your Community," described the work of the Iowa Women's Archives and served as a call for assistance in locating potential additions to this vital collection. The speaker and audience engaged in a lively question and answer session at the end. Following the presentation, several members of the audience suggested possible contacts. Karen Mason can by reached by e-mail: . The Iowa Women's Archives maintains at Web site at

-- Linda Scarth

Mt. Mercy College



ISU Staff News

Nancy Eaton, Dean of Library Services, resigned in August to accept the position of Dean of University Libraries, Pennsylvania State University.

Gordon Rowley, Collections Officer, resigned in May to accept a position as University Bibliographer and Head of Collection development for the University Libraries, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Pamela Rebarcak, Principal Bibliographer for the Social Sciences, resigned in August to accept a position with Congressional Information Services.

Olivia Madison, Associate Director for Public Services and Collections, has been appointed Interim Dean of Library Services.

Tyler Walters, Interim Head of Special Collections has been appointed Head of the Special Collections Department.

Kristine Stacy-Bates has been appointed , Engineering Reference and Collections Librarian in the Reference and Instructional Services Department. She is a 1997 graduate of the School of Library and Information Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Jill Osweiler has been appointed temporary Special Collections Librarian. She formerly held a position with the Bush Memorial Library, Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota. She received her M.L.S. from Indiana University.

Jennifer Sievers has been appointed temporary Reference and Instructional Services Librarian in the Reference and Instructional Services Department. She received her MLS from the Univerity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, in 1996.

Other ISU news

The Library opened its new storage facility this fall.

A contract has been signed with Ameritech to purchase the Horizon System to replace the current NOTIS automation system.


Dennis Dietz assumed duties as Director of Membership Services for the League in August. Most recently he worked for the Iowa Communications Network.


Rebecca Spriester began her appointment as District Director of Libraries in July. The District includes Marshalltown and Ellsworth Community Colleges. The libraries in these schools are preparing to install the Ameritech Horizon automation system.


Carol Hughes began her appointment as Head of IRIS (Information, Research, and Instructional Services) on June 2, 1997. Hughes supervises the IRIS unit, providing leadership for Information and Research Services (Reference), the Information Arcade, and the Media Services Department. Most recently she served as Member Services Officer for the Research Libraries Group. She holds a Ph. D. in library and information science from the University of Michigan.

Selden W. Smith has joined the staff of the University of Iowa Foundation as Director of Development for the University Libraries. Most recently Smith held the position of Associate Director of Library Development and External Affairs at The University of Pennsylvania Library.. He earned his B.A. from The Pennsylvania State University.

Robert A. McCown has stepped down from administrative duties in the Special Collections Department to return to scholarly and reference work in the Department. Edward Shreeves, Director, Collections & Information Resources, has assumed administrative responsibility for the Department on an interim basis.

Four members of the staff have recently retired:

Frank Allen, reference librarian in the Government Publications Department

David Curry, Head of the Hardin Library

Judy Doorenbos, Head of the Bibliographic Search section of Central Processing Services

Peter Hartford, Reference Librarian at the Pomerantz Business Administration Library (and long-time active member of ILA/ACRL!).


With sadness we note the closing of Westmar University on 21 November. As of this writing the disposition of the library collections there is not known. We extend best wishes to our colleagues at Westmar who have been, and are, going through a very difficult time.







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The Newsletter is produced by the ILA/ACRL Communication Committee:

Pam Collins (Iowa Western Community College)

Jeff Dodd (University of Iowa, Chair)

Peter Hartford (University of Iowa)

Jim Knutson (William Penn College)

Joan Leysen (Iowa State University)

Linda Scarth (Mount Mercy College)

John Wynstra (University of Northern Iowa)

Genny Yarne (Kirkwood Community College)

Full addresses for Committee members may be found in the 1997 Iowa Academic and Research Libraries Directory.