ILA/ACRL Newsletter, vol. 12, no. 3, November 2002


President's Piece

You guys are the best! The 2002 ILA Conference was a success in part to the ILA/ACRL Fall Program Chair, Kathy Magarrell and her committee, Jim Fisk, Arron Wings, and Kris Stacy-Bates. Our session, "Where's the Evidence? Discovering the Measures That Make Up a Library's Contribution to Student Learning Outcomes" was filled to capacity and well received. I especially liked the question posed by our speaker, Julia Blixrud: "Do we make a difference?" My first response was of course we do, but how can we prove or improve it? "Assessment: Why?" presented by Jean Donham, Jennifer Davis, and Arron Wings was an excellent follow-up session. All presenters gave us great tools and strategies to develop or improve our assessment of student outcomes.

But even though I learned a lot at the sessions, I have to say that my favorite part of the conference was getting together for our ACRL meeting. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun talking with friends/colleagues that I didn't want to start the meeting. Nevertheless, there were committee reports to deliver and many people to thank.

Thanking people is very important to me. I know how much time, effort, and sometimes money it takes to be on a committee. So before I conclude my last letter, I would like to thank a few "behind the scenes" people.

Reflecting on 2002, I truly believe the first sentence of my first President's Piece. You do amaze and inspire me! So as I close, to all, thanks for allowing me to test my skills in leadership, giving me the opportunity to meet new people, and learn from you.

Teleconference on USA Patriot Act & Libraries

"Safeguarding Our Patrons' Privacy: What Every Librarian Needs to Know About the USA Patriot Act & Related Anti-Terrorism Measures" will take place on Wednesday, December 11, 2002, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This is a teleconference produced by the Association of Research Libraries to provide libraries and their governing institutions with an analysis of the implications of the recent anti-terrorism measures. It will include identifying steps that institutions need to take to comply with proper search warrants, subpoenas, and wiretap requests from law enforcement. Panelists will address the key legal issues and policy implications for libraries and address the impact of any legislative and regulatory proposals on the privacy and First Amendment rights of library users.

ILA/ACRL is a co-sponsor of this event, having provided funding for a teleconference site. There is no charge for the teleconference, but you must register in advance. Complete information, including a list of sites and an online registration form, is available on the State Library's website at

Spring Conference 2003

ILA/ACRL Spring Conference takes place May 2, 2003 at the University of Dubuque. Mark your calendars for a thought-provoking meeting. The morning will feature a speaker and discussion on First Amendment issues such as First Amendment rights since 9/11, liability issues in academic libraries, Internet censorship, and how the USA Patriot Act impacts academic libraries. The breakout sessions in the afternoon will feature Iowa academic librarians sharing their expertise.

On May 1st we will have an opportunity to eat at the Bricktown restaurant and brewpub and ride the trolley around Dubuque. For those who will be coming to Dubuque the night before the conference, the trolley will pick us up at our hotel or bed-and-breakfast, take us to the Bricktown, then take us to the libraries at Clarke, Loras, and the University of Dubuque, and return us to our lodgings.

More information and registration forms will be available via the ILA/ACRL website shortly after January 1, 2003.

We'll see you in Dubuque! For more information contact Jane Campagna at 563-441-4152 or

Election Results

Balloting was completed on November 15th for the following three positions: Vice-President/President-Elect (and Nominating Committee chair), Secretary/Treasurer, and Member-at-Large. And the winners are…

Vice-President/President-Elect: Ellen Neuhaus, University of Northern Iowa

Secretary/Treasurer: Claudia Frazer, Drake University

Member-at-Large: Steve Ostrem, University of Iowa

Nominating Committee Annual Report

ILA/ACRL committees and their members for 2003 are:

ILA/ACRL Executive Board

President: John Pollitz, St. Ambrose University
Vice-President/President-Elect/Nominating Committee chair: Ellen Neuhaus, University of Northern Iowa
Past President and Awards Committee chair: Rachel Crowley, Morningside College
Secretary/Treasurer: Claudia Frazer, Drake University
Member-At-Large: Steve Ostrem, University of Iowa
Legislative Network Chapter Representative, ex officio, non-voting: John Goodin, Luther College
Chapters Council Representative, ex officio, non-voting: Linda Scarth, Mount Mercy College

Awards Committee

Rachel Crowley (Chair), Morningside College, 2003
Nancy Kraft, University of Iowa, 2004
Tim Bryant, University of Northern Iowa, 2004
Donna Hirst, University of Iowa, 2002
Corey Williams Green, Cornell College, 2003

Directory Committee

Susan Moore (Chair), University of Northern Iowa, 2003
Dan Boice, Divine Word College, 2003
Ann Coulter, Southwestern Community College, 2004
Linda Scarth, Mount Mercy College, 2004
Becky Lutkenhaus, University of Northern Iowa, 2003
Lisa Martincik, University of Iowa, 2003
Lori Osmus, Iowa State University, 2003
Greg Wool, Iowa State University, 2003

Electronic Communications Committee

Chris Neuhaus (Chair), University of Northern Iowa, 2004
Sandy Ballasch, University of Iowa, 2003
Liga Briedis, Drake University, 2003
Ellen Van Waart, Iowa Western Community College, 2003
Ann Ford, University of Iowa (ex officio)

Fall Program Committee

Kathy Magarrell (Chair), University of Iowa, 2004
Jim Fisk, Morningside College, 2003
Kris Stacy-Bates, Iowa State University, 2003
Arron Wings, Kirkwood Community College, 2003
Rebecca Graff, Grinnell College, 2004

Membership Committee

Kathy Parsons (Chair), Iowa State University, 2003
Claudia Frazer, Drake University, 2003
Susan Knippel, Iowa State University, 2003
Linda Nelson, Scott Community College, 2003
Karl Schaefer, Drake University, 2003
Kent Snowden, University of Northern Iowa, 2003
Margaret Stangohr, Buena Vista University, 2003
Barbara Weeg, University of Northern Iowa, 2004

Newsletter Committee

Steve Ostrem (Chair), University of Iowa, 2004
Barbara Allen, University of Northern Iowa, 2004
Karen Dole, North Iowa Area Community College, 2004
Mary Heinzman, St. Ambrose University, 2004
Steve Johns, Iowa State University, 2004
Marcia Keyser, Drake University, 2004
Linda Nelson, Scott Community College, 2003
Arron Wings, Kirkwood Community College, 2003

Nominating Committee

Ellen Neuhaus (Chair), University of Northern Iowa, 2003
Rod Henshaw, Drake University, 2003
Cheryl Leffler, Indian Hills Community College, 2002
Randy Roeder, Coe College, 2003
Kent Snowden, University of Northern Iowa, 2003

Spring Conference Program Committee

Jane Campagna (Chair), Scott Community College, 2003
Mary Anne Knefel, University of Dubuque (local arrangements)
Dan Boice, Divine Word College, 2004
Sandra Keist, Grand View College, 2003
Colleen Valente, University of Northern Iowa, 2004
Corey Williams Green, Cornell College, 2003

Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee

Ann Ford (Chair), University of Iowa, 2002
Rachel Crowley, Morningside College, 2002
Susan Moore, University of Northern Iowa, 2002
Chris Neuhaus, University of Northern Iowa, 2002

Ad Hoc Committee on Information Literacy

Jean Donham (Chair), Cornell College, 2002
Daria Bossman, Morningside College, 2002
Jane Campagna, Scott Community College, 2002
Barbara Kuttler, St. Ambrose University, 2002
Kathy Magarrell, University of Iowa, 2002
Chris Neuhaus, University of Northern Iowa, 2002
Susan Vega García, Iowa State University, 2002
Kyle Winward, Southeastern Community College, 2002

Ad Hoc Committee on Electronic Databases

John Pollitz (Chair), St. Ambrose University, 2002
Jane Campagna, Scott Community College, 2002
Kevin Engel, Grinnell College, 2002
Kristin Gerhard, Iowa State University, 2002
Sandra Keist, Grand View College, 2002
Terri Koch, Drake University, 2002
Katherine Martin, University of Northern Iowa, 2002
Betty Rogers, Coe College, 2002
Linda Scarth, Mount Mercy College, 2002
Edward Shreeves, University of Iowa, 2002
Rebecca Stuhr, Grinnell College, 2002
Mary Wegner, State Library of Iowa, 2002

Membership Committee Annual Report & New Member Information

Members: Claudia Frazer, Susan Knippel, Linda Nelson, Ellen Neuhaus (Chair), Kathy Parsons, Karl Schaefer, Kent Snowden, and Margaret Stangohr.

ILA/ACRL had 196 members this year compared to last year's 193 members. There were 47 new members that joined the organization in 2002.

The committee communicated via e-mail throughout the year. The membership web pages located on the ILA/ACRL website were revised. Last year's web membership directory (2001) was saved and archived on the ILA/ACRL website. The committee also updated the current 2002 ILA/ACRL web membership directory several times during the year (May, April, August, and October). Members were notified after each update by e-mail messages that were sent to the ILA/ACRL listserv. In the spring, the committee identified all members not on the IA-ACRL listserv so that they could be added to the IA-ACRL mailing to ensure that proposed bylaw changes were sent to all current members before the annual conference. The committee sent e-mail messages to all new members welcoming them to the organization. The message outlined several items including how to subscribe to the organization's listserv (IA-ACRL), how to access the ILA/ACRL website, and how to volunteer within the organization. The committee was responsible for sending a print ILA/ACRL directory to each new member who joined after the spring conference. A list of 2002 new members was included in the organization's November newsletter.

E-mail messages promoting ILA/ACRL membership were sent to all library directors listed in the ILA/ACRL directory requesting them to forward the promotional message to their library staff. Information on how to join ILA/ACRL was added to the organization's newsletter beginning with the November issue. The committee experimented with sending e-mail messages of appreciation to returning members who renewed during the latter part of the year. Spreadsheets of 2001 and 2002 national ACRL members who live in Iowa were created and distributed to the executive board.

-submitted by Ellen Neuhaus

New 2002 ILA/ACRL Members

The organization welcomes the 2002 ILA/ACRL new members. The ILA office provided the organization's membership information. If you are an old member who let your membership lapse but have recently renewed your membership, you may be on the list as a new member since our local records go back only a couple of years. If you are not a new member, we welcome you back to ILA/ACRL and we appreciate your support.

  1. Sarah Andrews - University of Iowa
  2. Suzanne Araas-Vesley - Iowa City
  3. Mary Ann Bartz - Waldorf College
  4. Cynthia Blinkinsop - Camanche School District
  5. Gary Botos - Kirkwood Community College
  6. Jametoria Burton - University of Iowa
  7. Ann Coulter - Gibson Public Library
  8. Stacy Crawford - AIB College of Business
  9. Jennifer Davis - St. Ambrose University
  10. J. Jeffrey Dodd - University of Iowa
  11. Sharon Dykshoorn - Western Iowa Tech
  12. Christine Drey - Early Public Library
  13. Terrence Edwards - Central College
  14. Edith Ericson - Clinton Public Library
  15. James Fisk - Morningside College
  16. Rebecca Funke - Iowa State University
  17. Joan Hansen - Waldorf College
  18. David Hanson - Drake University Law Library
  19. Leslie Heinzler - ABI College of Business
  20. Amy Hezel - Public Library of Des Moines
  21. Donna Hirst - University of Iowa
  22. Susan Jellinger- Hamilton College
  23. Cynthia Jorstad - Iowa State University
  24. Marcia Keyser - Drake University
  25. Susan Kruckenberg - Rippey Public Library
  26. Cheryl Leffler - Indian Hills Community College
  27. Karen Lehmann - Wartburg College
  28. Victoria Maloy - Mt Mercy College
  29. Jerilyn Marshall - University of Northern Iowa
  30. Jan Marzolf - Waldorf College
  31. Gina Millsap - Ames Public Library
  32. Molaan Mosell - Mercy Medical Center
  33. Jan Peterson - Dunkerton Public Library
  34. Ericka Raber - University of Iowa
  35. Kristy Raine - Mt. Mercy College
  36. Paula Sanders - Mediapolis Public Library
  37. Jean Sayre - University of Iowa
  38. Diane Shelton - Graceland College
  39. Lisa Stock - DMACC
  40. Donna Turner - Center Point Public Library
  41. Colleen Valente - University of Northern Iowa
  42. Julia Venzke - University of Iowa
  43. Carlette Washington-Hoagland - University of Iowa
  44. Glenda Wiese - Palmer College of Chiropractor
  45. Sarah Willeford - Clarinda Public Library
  46. Christine White - University of Iowa
  47. Michael Wright - University of Iowa

How to Join ILA/ACRL

Information on how to join ILA/ACRL can be found at

Information includes a description of the organization, membership benefits, how to join and information about joining national ACRL.

Directory Committee

The Directory Committee is in the process of gathering information to update the web version of the Iowa Academic and Research Libraries Directory. Please check the information about your library at and send any corrections to Susan Moore at

ILA/ACRL Scholarship Recipient

Each fall ILA/ACRL provides a scholarship to attend the ILA annual conference to a new librarian. This year's recipient was Jim Fisk from Morningside College. His comments are below.

I came to librarianship just over a year ago after working for a large computer manufacturer for almost 16 years. Conferences such as those offered by the Iowa Library Association and the Iowa ACRL provide opportunities for me to immerse myself in the language and issues of our work. For someone as new to the field as I am, immersion is a wonderful way to accelerate one's professional development.

Reports from ILA Annual Conference Presentations

"The Shock of the New: The Future of Libraries and Library and Information Workers," by John W. Berry.

Berry introduced his presentation by stating that the stereotypical "library" could not survive in the 1990s. Trends impacting libraries today are corporate mergers, ownership changes, new companies entering the library marketplace, and complaints of systems not meeting expectations and/or promises. New trends in library services include "virtual libraries." Library offerings now include 24/7 reference service, electronic reserves, full-text databases, online images, dissertation and specialty databases, e-books, digital archives, and 3rd generation catalogs. Librarian roles remain as community builders, visionaries, mentors, activists, innovators, collection developers and service providers. New challenges to be faced as drawn from a December 2001 library survey are:

  1. perception that "everything" is on the internet
  2. funding
  3. low salaries for library/information workers
  4. inappropriate use of library services
  5. demands to restrict access to information
  6. information literacy training across society
  7. number of library worker retirees and number of new hires/recruits
  8. ongoing professional development
  9. diversity-library workers should reflect the community served.

-submitted by Marlene Metzgar, Kaplan College

"Successful Libraries: There Are Many Paths to a Great Library," Carla Stoffle (U of Arizona), Julie Huiskamp (HR/NEICC), LaWanda Roudebush (Ft. Dodge PL), Kay Runge (Des Moines PL).

Carla Stoffle explained the values stressed in the reorganization of the U of Arizona library. The library must be customer focused, diverse in multicultural values, have an emphasis on staff development programs, and reflect integrity and flexibility. Libraries should be customer based and team focused. Economics, customers, environments should be accounted for in organizational change.

Julie Huiskamp and LaWanda Roudebush provided personal examples of proactive, innovative marketing of the library services which brought success to their library communities.

Kay Runge also stressed the value of library directors/workers being proactive. Public library directors are involved in the politics of the community governing bodies and, therefore, face-to-face communications/relationships and tenacity aid in the success of libraries.

-submitted by Marlene Metzgar, Kaplan College

"The Electronic Environment and Traditional Reference Collections," by Mary Bushman.

On Thursday, October 10, Mary Bushing, whose impressive credentials include the Head of Collection Development at Montana State University, presented an informative program concerning reference collections in relation to an ever growing and changing electronic environment. The information and advice Mary gave was intended for all types of libraries.

Mary's main theme was that libraries need to review their reference collections to remain current in a technologically advancing society. First, Mary commented on the need for all librarians to redefine reference, asking these questions: what does reference mean to us, and do we define "reference" as a location or a service?

Librarians need to develop reference collections based on what reference means to our users and with attention to the changes in the electronic environment. Additionally, librarians should make decisions on resources based on budget allocations and discipline breakdown. According to Mary, it is also imperative that librarians guard against redundancies. An example is considering online resources and books already in the collection when selecting resources on quotations. She commented that no matter how many resources a library owns on quotations, no one library could answer all questions about that topic.

In addition to the words of professional advice, Mary suggested that librarians should consider getting rid of the vertical files. She explained that the vertical file is a nineteenth century creation and the web is a vertical file, which is being organized by librarians.

-submitted by Linda Nelson, Scott Community College 

Community College News

North Iowa Area Community College

Don Kamps, Evening Dean and Director of Learning Services at North Iowa Area Community College, retired June 30, 2002 after 30 years at the college. Karen Dole, NIACC Librarian, has assumed the library portion of his responsibilities in addition to her other duties.

News of the Iowa Private Academic Libraries

Drake University

The fall semester e-reserves pilot at Drake University's Cowles Library used Docutek software to provide course readings to students in electronic format. Sixteen professors teaching a total of 30 courses and utilizing 329 documents tested the system this fall. Initially, some students (roughly 2 or 3 from each class) had problems accessing their readings. With few exceptions, all connection problems were resolved by updating the PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat) or by setting the student's browser to accept "cookies." The end result was that students were able to access their assigned readings via the Web, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Once the readings were in place and the occasional student complaints were resolved, the system worked very well. Informal reports from professors are that most students are pleased with the system. Most professors using it are planning to use it again. If you are interested in more specific details about the Cowles Library experience using Docutek and the Docufax conversion system, please call or e-mail the Coordinator of Information Services, Marcia Keyser (515-271-3989,

At the end of September, Claudia Frazer received an Iowa College Foundation mini-grant to be used toward the technology and training needs of starting a digital collection at the Cowles Library. This grant money has been secured by the ICF through the Roy J. Carver Trust and the FIHE/UPS National Venture Fund. The funds are designated to be spent in the areas of technology integration and faculty development. A portion of this funding was set aside for "mini-grants" available to each college with the Iowa College Foundation.

On October 2, 2002, Drake University Law Library commemorated the addition of the 300,000th volume to the library's collection in a ceremony attended by United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Dwight D. Opperman, a 1951 graduate of Drake Law School, donated the 300,000th volume. The donated work, Bibliography of Early American Law (BEAL), provides information on more than 14,000 titles from the beginning of American legal history through 1860. Opperman presented the six-volume set to John Edwards, director of the law library, prior to the Dwight D. Opperman Lecture given by Justice Scalia. "He has done a great deal to make this library a valuable resource for the students, alumni and legal community," Edwards said of Opperman, whose name the library bears. Dedicated in 1993, the Dwight D. Opperman Hall and Law Library offers state-of-the-art technology and library design. With more than 700 seats and many study areas, the library provides abundant locations for scholarly work. The law library also has been ranked as one of the top 25 law school libraries in the country by National Jurist magazine.

Sherry VonBehren, public services administration assistant at the law library, received an Employee Excellence award from Drake University at the Fall Convocation. The award included a check for $1,000. Sherry was nominated for providing excellent customer service to all patrons who use the Drake Law Library and always going the extra mile to help them.

Acquisitions/reference librarian Deborah Sulzbach was awarded a $300 travel grant by the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries to attend the organization's 2002 annual meeting in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, in November.

Loras College

Heidi Southworth began her work as cataloger/instructional librarian at Loras College in June, 2002. She is a graduate of the UW Milwaukee School of Information Science. She had been working at Iowa Central Community College in Ft. Dodge.

Northwestern College

Northwestern College, Orange City, Iowa, has a full-time, 12-month position open for a library director beginning in Summer 2003 or sooner. The position is a faculty (non-tenured, no rank) position. The director coordinates and supervises all facets of library operations, including budget development and monitoring; hiring, supervising and evaluating library staff; program development and review; acquisition and circulation of materials; and maintenance of equipment and facilities. Reporting directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the director attends faculty meetings and serves on campus committees. For further details and application instructions, see

St. Ambrose University

James O'Gorman recently joined the reference staff at O'Keefe Library, St. Ambrose University. James will be providing reference service as well as teaching several sections of the Information Literacy class.

O'Keefe Library has joined up with WQPT-TV to form a Masterpiece Theatre Book Club. Barb Kuttler, reference librarian at O'Keefe Library, will be facilitating the discussion groups. The group will read the books that will be featured on Masterpiece Theatre starting in January.

John Pollitz, director of O'Keefe Library, has been chosen along with some of the other academic library directors in Iowa, to present a panel discussion at the national ACRL Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina in April. The panel will be discussing "best practices" in information literacy in Iowa academic libraries.

John Pollitz and Jennifer Davis are part of the ad hoc committee that drafted a RFP for a third generation automation system for QuadLinc, a consortium of Quad Cities libraries. Vendors will be brought in to demonstrate the capabilities of their library automation systems.

News of the Iowa Public Academic Libraries

Iowa State University

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has announced the launch of the Scholars Portal Project, a collaboration between ARL member libraries and Fretwell-Downing Inc. ISU is one of seven institutions participating in the project. The goal of the project is to provide software tools to create a single point of access on the web to find high-quality information resources and to deliver the information and related services directly to the user's desktop. The ISU Library has received special university funding for participation in the ARL Scholars Portal Project. Fretwell-Downing is the author of the ZPORTAL software and related products, which support the project. Initial training of a core group of ISU Library staff has been completed; significant progress is expected this fall.

The library hosted the annual fall meeting of the Great Western Library Alliance (formerly the Big 12 Plus Libraries Consortium), October 8-9, 2002. Thirty deans and library directors, the GWLA executive director, and the GWLA program officer attended.

The ISU Library now has a public address system. The new system is an important addition to the library for public service, safety, and security purposes.

Professional Staff Changes

A search committee has been appointed to recruit for the position of Head of Preservation.

Three candidates have interviewed for the position of Information Technology Officer. This search is now in the final stage of selection.

The ISU Library has completed its search for an Instruction Coordinator. ISU Librarian Susan Vega García assumed the responsibilities of Instruction Coordinator, effective November 1, 2002.

University of Iowa

Mary McInroy, head of the UI Libraries Map Collection, was named Iowa Library Association Member of the Year for 2002, in recognition of her outstanding service and extraordinary leadership to the Iowa library community. Congratulations, Mary!

UI Libraries celebrated two 10th anniversaries in 2002. The Information Arcade celebrated its 10th anniversary with an open house and symposium on October 29, 2002. The symposium, entitled "Standing at the Crossroads: Technology, Libraries, and the College Classroom - The Information Arcade 10 Years Later," featured UI faculty members addressing the role of multimedia in university education.

The Iowa Women's Archives at UI Libraries is also ten years old. This anniversary was commemorated with a two-day symposium November 15-16: "Making Women's History: The Louise Noun - Mary Louise Smith Iowa Women's Archives at 10 Years." The keynote speaker for this event was Gerda Lerner, professor emerita in the history department at the University of Wisconsin, and a prominent women's history scholar.

Professional Staff Changes

Duncan Stewart, Monographic Cataloging Librarian, effective 08/26/02
Jametoria Burton, Minority Research Librarian Resident, RIS, effective 08/27/02
Chris Schaffer, Assistant Director for Public Services, Hardin Library, effective 09/09/02
Anne Gehringer, Reference and Education Librarian, Hardin Library, effective 09/16/02
Denise Britigan, Reference and Education Librarian, Hardin Library, effective 10/01/02
Edward Miner, International Studies Bibliographer, effective 12/16/02
Jai Xu, East Asian Cataloger, effective 01/08/03

Jim Cheng, Chinese Studies Librarian, effective 10/31/02

Larry Gorman, Section Head, Monographic Cataloging, effective 12/02/02

Newsletter Committee
Steve Ostrem (Chair), University of Iowa
Jan Dellinger, Hawkeye Community College
Steve Johns, Iowa State University
Susan Lerdal, Drake University
Marlene Metzgar, Kaplan College
Linda Nelson, Scott Community College
Colleen Valente, University of Northern Iowa
Arron Wings, Kirkwood Community College