ILA/ACRL Newsletter, vol. 11, no. 3, November 2001

President’s Piece

The Fall 2001 ILA Conference is no longer an eagerly awaited event in which we will have an opportunity to network with valued colleagues and learn new aspects of library service. It is now a moment in history and we are back in our library settings hopefully having the time and energy to apply the new things we learned.

ILA/ACRL sponsored a preconference this fall, for the first time in years (I have no idea how many). Bill Nelson and Bob Fernekes presented a dynamic 6-hour session on "Do We Measure Up? Practical Application of the New ACRL Standards for College Libraries." Even though I work in a community college library and our standards are a little different from those of a four-year college, I found this preconference to be loaded with helpful information on developing plans for my library. If you weren’t able to attend and would like a copy of the notebook, please contact Stephen Dew at Several people mentioned to me afterwards that they hoped that ILA/ACRL would make a tradition of sponsoring preconferences at the Fall ILA Conference. I was impressed with the content and quality of the concurrent sessions sponsored by ILA/ACRL on information literacy. Carla List, Jean Donham, Marsha Forys, and Kyle Winward did an excellent job with this very demanding topic. Stephen Dew and Kathy Magarrell, members of the 2001 Fall Program Committee, deserve a great big hand for a job done well. They truly are superstars!

Membership in ILA/ACRL is very inexpensive. In fact, it is free with your ILA membership. But to be included in our membership, you must check the appropriate box on your ILA membership form. When you complete your membership form for next year, please make sure you check our box.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the hard working ILA/ACRL Officers and Committee Chairs for 2000.

Vice President/President Elect and Chair of the Nominations Committee: Rachel Crowley

Secretary/Treasurer: Carolynne Lathrop

Immediate Past President and Chair of the Awards Committee: Ed Goedeken

ACRL Chapters Council Representative: Linda Scarth

ACRL Legislative Network Representative: John Goodin

Directory Committee: Joyce Lindstrom

Fall Program Committee 2001: Stephen Dew

Membership Committee: Ellen Neuhaus

Newsletter Committee: Ann Ford

Spring Conference Committee 2001: Jennifer Davis

Electronic Communications: Chris "wired for sound" Neuhaus

They have worked very hard to make this organization work for you. They deserve accolades.

I really appreciate Ed Goedeken and Chris Neuhaus. As past presidents of ILA/ACRL, they have diligently tried to keep me on track. I am grateful for their humor and insight into how the process works.

Finally, my heartfelt thanks to all of you "in the trenches." You have contributed in so many ways to make this organization work. And even more importantly, you work for the betterment of librarianship in academic libraries throughout Iowa. Your efforts are valuable and important, not only for our libraries but also for the students in Iowa. Keep up the good work!

--Jane Campagna, 2001 ILA/ACRL President, Scott Community College



Return your ballots by November 12th on these candidates:

Vice-President/President-Elect and Nominating Committee: John Pollitz, St. Ambrose

Secretary/Treasurer: Stephen Dew, University of Iowa

Member-At-Large: Jean Donham, Cornell College or Carolynne Lathrop, University of Dubuque


Nominating Committee Annual Report

I would like to thank the Nominating Committee members for their hard work. Ballots for the executive board were sent out in October, to be returned by November 12th.

The 2002 committees are -


ILA/ACRL Executive Board - 2002

President: Rachel Crowley, Morningside College

Past President and Awards Committee: Jane Campagna, Scott Community College

Member-At-Large: John Pollitz, St. Ambrose University, 2002

Legislative Network Chapter Representative, ex officio, non-voting: John Goodin, Luther College

Chapters Council Representative, ex officio, non-voting: Linda Scarth, Mount Mercy College


Awards Committee

Jane Campagna (Chair), Scott Community College

Leo Clougherty, University of Iowa, 2002

Mary Edwards, Marycrest University, 2002

Donna Hirst, University of Iowa, 2002

Corey Williams Green, Cornell College, 2003


Directory Committee

Susan Moore (Chair), University of Northern Iowa

Mary Heinzman, St. Ambrose University, 2002

Cindy Hoogheem, Clinton Community College, 2002

Becky Lutkenhaus, University of Northern Iowa, 2003

Greg Wool, Iowa State University, 2003

Lisa Martincik, University of Iowa, 2003

Lori Osmus, Iowa State University, 2003

Dan Boice, Divine Word College, 2003


Electronic Communications Committee

Chris Neuhaus (Chair), University of Northern Iowa

Ellen Van Waart, Iowa Western Community College, 2003

Sandy Ballasch, University of Iowa, 2003

Liga Briedis, Drake University, 2003

Ann Ford (ILA/ACRL listserv owner, non-voting ex-officio member) University of Iowa


Fall Program Committee

Kathy Magarrell (Chair), University of Iowa, 2002

Arron Wings, Kirkwood Community College, 2003

Kris Stacy-Bates, Iowa State, 2003

Jim Fisk, Morningside College, 2003


Membership Committee

Ellen Neuhaus (Chair), University of Northern Iowa

Kent Snowden, University of Northern Iowa, 2003

Kathy Parsons, Iowa State University, 2003

Linda Nelson, Scott Community College, 2003

Margaret Stangohr, Buena Vista University, 2003

Claudia Frazer, Drake University, 2003

Karl R. Schaefer, Drake University, 2003

Susan Knippel, Iowa State University, 2003


Newsletter Committee

Steve Ostrem (Chair), University of Iowa

Susan Lerdal, Drake University, 2002

Marlene Metzgar, Kaplan College, 2002

Colleen Valente, University of Northern Iowa, 2002

Jan Dellinger, Hawkeye Community College, 2002

Linda Nelson, Scott Community College, 2003

Charlene Lehman, University of Iowa, 2003

Arron Wings, Kirkwood Community College, 2003


Nominating Committee

Vice President/President-Elect (to be elected) (Chair)

Linda Nelson, Scott Community College, 2002

Kent Snowden, University of Northern Iowa, 2003

Rod Henshaw, Drake University, 2003

Randy Roeder, Coe College, 2003


Spring Conference Program Committee

Rod Henshaw, Drake University, (Chair)

Mary Heinzman, St. Ambrose University, 2002

Gail Bonath, Grinnell College (Local Arrangements)

Corey Williams Green, Cornell College, 2003

Sandra Keist, Grand View College, 2003

Jennifer Davis, St. Ambrose University, 2002

--Reported by the Nominating Committee, 2000:
Rachel Crowley, Morningside College, Chair
Rod Henshaw, Drake University
Linda Nelson, Scott Community College
Ellen Neuhaus, University of Northern Iowa


ILA/ACRL Membership Committee Annual Report 2001

ILA/ACRL had 193 members during 2001 compared to 215 members during the previous year. There were 23 new members that joined the organization in 2001.

The committee met at St. Ambrose University on Thursday, May 17, 2001 before the ILA/ACRL spring conference meeting, and communicated throughout the year mainly via e-mail. The committee developed new membership Web pages for the ILA/ACRL Web site, and updated the ILA/ACRL Membership Directory located on the ILA/ACRL Web site three times during the year. A notification message was sent to the ILA/ACRL listserv informing subscribers that the Web membership list had been updated. A list of the previous year's members that had not yet renewed their membership was distributed among committee members in April and each committee member sent e-mail reminders to these individuals reminding them that they had not yet renewed their ILA/ACRL membership for the current year. The committee sent print letters welcoming each new member to the organization. The letter outlined several items including how to subscribe to the organization's listserv (IA-ACRL), how to access the ILA/ACRL Web site and how to volunteer within the organization.

--Ellen Neuhaus, UNI, Chair
Dan Boice
Susan Moore
Kent Snowden
Greg Wool


2001 Awards Committee Report

We gave out a total of six awards this year (which is probably a record!) At the Spring meeting of the ILA/ACRL Michelle Simmons of Cornell College, and Becky Lutkenhaus of UNI both received scholarships to the conference.

At the Fall ILA meeting, we gave scholarships to: James Fisk, Morningside College, Ericka Raber, U. of Iowa, Marianne Mason, U. of Iowa, and Ryan Gjerde, Luther College. It was great to be able to hand out the six scholarship awards and my thanks to the other members of the Awards Committee for assisting me in this enjoyable process!

--Ed Goedeken, Iowa State University, Chair
Leo Clougherty, University of Iowa
Mary Edwards, Marycrest University
Donna Hirst, University of Iowa
Nasir Awill, University of Northern Iowa



When your renewal notice arrives from ILA this fall, please consider membership in ILA-LAMA if you have not already joined this subdivision of the Iowa Library Association? The Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA) "provides an organizational framework for encouraging the study of administrative theory, for improving the practice of administration in libraries, and for identifying and fostering administrative skill." (ALA-LAMA Web Page) The Iowa affiliate, which currently has about 80 members drawn from academic, public, and special libraries, is one of only 18 state or regional affiliates of the national organization. It supports pre-conferences and sessions at ILA conferences on a variety of topics broadly related to library administration. ILA-LAMA also maintains an informative Web site and publishes an electronic newsletter ( I invite you to consider membership in ILA-LAMA. Your contributions would be welcome. To become a member, check the LAMA box in Section C - ILA Subdivisions on the ILA renewal form. Annual dues are $5.00.

Kate Martin, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, ILA-LAMA


Community College News

Iowa community college librarians will be petitioning the ILA Executive Board to form a Community College Librarians Roundtable in the subdivision structure of ILA. Signatures were collected at the ILA Conference in Davenport.

--Jan Dellinger, Hawkeye Community College


Iowa Private Academic Libraries

E-Book Collections

Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities and Iowa College Foundation have made it possible for member institution libraries to expand their shared e-book collection by providing a matching grant this academic year. The libraries have completed their contributions and a collection development committee is completing its task. This has been a beneficial cooperative project with each library, for a minimal investment, sharing access to a larger e-book collection than each would likely have purchased individually.

--Sandra H. Keist, Grand View College


Mount Mercy College

Mount Mercy College has launched its college portal and course management system in which library resources are fully integrated. Librarians are training faculty, students, and staff in the use of the portal and CMS. Librarians are also providing units on managing information resources (Library skills) that can be integrated into individual instructor's course material.

New staff: Vicky Malloy has recently been hired to fill the position of evening supervisor and handles interlibrary loan transactions. She is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa and a student in the University of Iowa School of Library and Information Science.

--Linda Scarth, Mount Mercy College



Kaplan College

Kaplan College had a focus visit from the North Central Association of College and Schools (NCA) on October 29 and 30. The focus was on five degrees -- BS and AA in Criminal Justice, BS and AA in Paralegal Studies, and a BS in Information Technology. NCA team members were Dr. Richard Jurasek from Augustana College, Rock Island ; Dr. Merlin Lewis of Principia College, Elsah, IL ; Dr. Richard Gowen, SD School of Mines & Technology, Rapid City, SD. Based on Kaplan's "Efficacy of Assessment," the team's recommendation was to implement the Associate Degree levels of the paralegal and criminal justice programs and to evaluate the BS Degrees again in 2003, when the team returns for an over-all focus visit. The new Associate Degree programs will be offered beginning in April of 2002.

--Marlene Metzgar, Kaplan College

Iowa Public Academic Libraries

Iowa State University Libraries

The ISU Library has purchased a Minolta scanner to assist in its preservation efforts.

The difficult budget situation for the Regents institutions will occupy much of our attention in the ensuing months.

Professional Staff changes:

Janet Pine, who was our Physics and Chemistry bibliographer left this summer to become media librarian at the Roland Community School district. With our current budget difficulties, we are not sure when we will be able to replace her. We continue to search for a replacement for Jennifer Clayton, who handled our Library 160 course, which is an undergraduate class required of all ISU students. Judy Madsen, who was our head of business services, retired in August after 41 years at the ISU library. Bill Lee, who has been our science and math bibliographer also will retire in November after working at ISU for 31 years.

--Ed Goedeken, Parks Library, Iowa State University


University of Iowa News

The University Libraries initiated a new electronic publication, Library Update at You may also subscribe at this address. Stories in the first issue in this new format: The new Engineering Library space (named the Lichtenberger Engineering Library in honor of a gift); Read All About It! Archives Staff Assists Daily Iowan; Hardin Library's Clinical Corner; Free Classes; Electronic Resources; Special Collections Update; Let's Do The TWIST; and InfoHawk Enhancements.

The first presentation of the Ada M. Stoflet Lectureship will be "The Future of the Book in a Digital Age", by Clifford A. Lynch (Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)), on Wednesday, November 14, 2001, in the Shambaugh Auditorium, Main Library. This lectureship is named in honor of an exceptional reference and research librarian at the University of Iowa Main Library. Ada Stoflet died in 1971 after 27 years at the U of Iowa Libraries.

Award to Bob McCown: In June 200 University of Iowa manuscripts librarian Bob McCown received the Petersen/Harlan Award, given to a single recipient each year by the State Historical Society of Iowa for lifetime achievement in the preservation of Iowa history. Bob retires in November after his 31-year career at the U of I Libraries.

Actor, writer and comedian Gene Wilder and his brother-in-law Gilbert Pearlman recently donated a significant collection of Wilder's scripts, correspondence and photographs to the University of Iowa Special Collections Department. Wilder earned a bachelor's degree from the UI in 1955 and is a well-known performer in theater and film.

UI professional staff changes


Ericka Raber, Librarian I, Instruction Librarian, TWIST, effective September 2001

Scott Fiddelke, Digital Media Project Manager, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences.

Lisa Martinick, Head, Information Arcade, transferring from Head of Mathematical Sciences and Physics Libraries, effective November 2001

Amy Cooper, Special Collections Librarian, effective October 2001

Wendy Robertson, Electronic Resources Technical Services Librarian, effective December 2001

Jean Sayre, Director, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, effective January 2002

Karen Zimmerman, Interim Head of Physics and Mathematical Sciences Libraries, effective November, 2001

Resignations and retirements:

Brenda Molife, Reference, effective 6/29/01

Afeworki Paulos, International Studies Bibliographer, effective 9/21/01

Bob McCown, Special Collections, retiring November, 2001.


Positions Open (searches subject to budget changes)

Coordinator, Access Services (deadline 12/7/01)

Serials Acquisitions Librarian

--Ann Ford, University of Iowa

Newsletter committee

Ann Ford, Chair
Jan Dellinger
Sandra Keist
Marlene Metzgar
Steve Ostrem
Colleen Valente