ILA/ACRL Newsletter, vol. 6, no. 1, March 1996


by Bob Rose, UNI

1996 should prove to be another interesting and exciting year for
ILA/ACRL. Considerable work is being done by various ILA/ACRL
committees and information about a number of those activities is
included elsewhere in the newsletter. However, I would like to
highlight just a few projects that are currently underway.

One of the more exciting things to report is that we finally have
an ILA/ACRL web site, available at More
detailed information about the web site and the committee formed
to create it is in a separate article. I believe the web site has
enormous potential to serve as an effective and up-to-date
information source. I, and the ad hoc committee constructing the
web site, would welcome your reactions to this project.

Planning for both the Spring Conference at Buena Vista University
in Storm Lake, and the fall meeting at the ILA Conference in
Waterloo is well underway. I'm particularly pleased that the
Spring committee was able to obtain the services of Jim Rettig as
the keynote speaker. I think ILA/ACRL members will find his
presentation both informative and stimulating. And, as usual, it
sounds as though we have a bumper crop of interesting presenta-
tions for the afternoon contributed paper sessions.

As you may remember, under the revised bylaws a separate Fall
Program Committee was formed this year. I think we can attribute
this separation in part at a reason why planning for the fall
program is so far along. I think the speaker for this year's
program is a particularly exciting choice, although we'll wait
until we receive the ILA Speaker Agreement from the speaker to
reveal his name. As we have had the past two years, we will also
have a discussion forum as a follow-up to our main speaker at the
Waterloo meeting.

The Membership and other committees are also hard at work with
various projects. If you did not receive an ILA membership  form,
I encourage you to contact Bill Sayre at the University of Iowa
or any member of the Membership Committee to get one.

Although we're only partway through the year, I can say that
serving as President has already been a rewarding experience -
primarily because of the opportunity to work with such a
dedicated group of librarians. I encourage any member to
communicate with me or other members of the Executive Board their
concerns about the organization and the direction in which they
would like to see ILA/ACRL head.

The Changing Role of Academic Librarians
(ILA/ACRL Spring Conference)

by Chris Neuhaus

Technophobes and technophiles alike should find the 1996 ILA/ACRL
Spring Conference "Virtually Here or Virtually Gone: the Changing
Role of Academic Libraries" a rewarding experience. The
conference will take place at Buena Vista University in
Storm Lake on May 3. The Conference is scheduled to run from 9:00
a.m. to 2:45 p.m. (registration will be from 8:00 a.m. - 9:00

Jim Rettig, Assistant Dean of University Libraries for Reference
and Informational Services at the College of William and Mary and
author of "Rettig on Reference," will be our keynote speaker.
Norma Hervey of Luther College, newly returned from a year in
Eastern Europe will speak to the changes facing libraries and
librarians in Russia and Eastern Europe. The afternoon will
feature two sessions of presentations on topics ranging from a
tour of multicultural resources found on the Web, upward
evaluation, and library-faculty relations to the realities of
converting to Windows 95, format integration, and women's studies
and the Internet.

To insure that your attendance is something more than virtual,
mail the registration form included in this newsletter along with
an accompanying registration payment of $40.00 ($20.00 for
students) to arrive no later than April 19, 1996. In addition to
participation in presentations and meetings your registration fee
will entitle you to lunch and both a morning and afternoon snack
break. Registrations will be accepted as late as the day of the
conference; though we cannot guarantee that lunch will be
available to late registrants.

Buena Vista University, located along the beautiful shores of
Storm Lake, lies midway between Sioux City and Fort Dodge near
the crossroads of highways 7 and 71. An informal pre-conference
dinner is planned for 7 p.m. on Thursday evening at the Lakeshore
Cafe. Those interested in attending the Thursday dinner should
check the appropriate space on the registration form. In Storm
Lake, lodging is available at the Lamplighter Motel (800-383-
7666), the Vista Economy Inn (800-451-6261), the Super Eight
Motel (800-800-8000), and the Sail Inn Motel (712-732-1160).

The conference will be held at the new Dows Conference Center on
the campus of Buena Vista University. Parking is available within
one block of the conference center. A map pointing out the loca-
tions of the conference, parking, lodging, and the Thursday
dinner will be mailed with registration confirmations.

Registration Form


by Bob Rose, UNI

I'm very pleased to announce that an ILA/ACRL web site has been
created and is currently under construction. An Ad Hoc Committee
to Create an ILA/ACRL Web Site, consisting of Barbara Allen (UNI)
Chair, Sandy Ballasch (UI) and Shaw Yu (UNI), has been formed to
oversee the construction of this site and to recommend policies
and procedures for its future development and maintenance. The
web site can be found at 

The amount of information already accessible at the site is
impressive, and ILA/ACRL owes a debt of gratitude to Jeff Dodd
(UI), past chair of the ILA/ACRL Directory Committee, for his
work converting the ILA/ACRL Directory to HTML. Thanks, Jeff!

The ad hoc committee welcomes suggestions from you about the
types of information you would find most useful in this new venue
for communicating with members. Suggestions should be sent to
Barb Allen at UNI, or (319) 273-2838.

I believe the web site holds great promise for making information
quickly and easily accessible and I encourage all ILA/ACRL
members to take a look at the site and to provide suggestions to
the committee as regards its content.  (Historical Footnote: This
issue of the Newsletter is the first to be on the ILA/ACRL Web
Site as well as in print.)


The University of Iowa Libraries has received a grant of $702,272
from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust to support the
establishment of the Health Sciences Information Arcade facility
in the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences and to create a
model training program for library staff on networked and multi-
media information resources. 

"The Carver grant will make it possible for librarians to educate
faculty and students about the enormous potential of electronic
resources for research and teaching through the development of
innovative instructional programs. In particular, the grant will
ensure advancement of the award-winning Information Arcade
concept reaching an increasing larger campus population through
establishment of the Hardin Library Health Sciences Information
Arcade," said University Librarian Sheila Creth.

Responding to changes in health sciences education, the new
Information facility will address student literacy within the
expanding context of electronic and multimedia health-related
information and scholarly creativity through the use of a
networked multi-dimensional learning environment.

Staffed by experts in the identification, use, and creation of
health sciences information resources, the new facility will
include specially equipped workstations for the creation of
multimedia projects and course materials as well as information
stations for searching the vast body of electronic health
sciences literature.

Extensive networking will provide faculty and students with the
option of accessing many of the Arcade's resources from labs,
offices and homes. The development of the Arcade has received
substantial support from the College of Medicine and the
university central administration for equipment, construction and

The Arcade will integrate resources and facilities already
functioning in the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences. These
include the Virtual Hospital Projects, the Iowa Communication
Network, the Rural Telemedicine Project, and Healthnet. Carver
funds of $326,270 will be used to purchase hardware and software
and fund graduate assistantships for a three-year period.

The grant will also support the development of new learning
models related to existing and emerging electronic and multimedia
information resources for librarians and faculty. The initial
focus will be on development of an instructional program for
librarians that will include components on navigating and
publishing on the World Wide Web, learning computer graphics,
images, maps, multimedia resources and electronic texts, and the
building of databases - text and multimedia as well as

Following the initial phrase, librarians then will work with the
user instructional component focusing their efforts on developing
new approaches and models on the needs of faculty. In the
development of model instructional components, topics will
include the Internet, use and creation of electronic texts,
development of interactive multimedia and simulations for
teaching and learning, electronic mail, bulletin boards,
conferences, and bibliographic and full text databases.

The result of the program will be an integrated, tested model for
faculty instruction that can be offered broadly on the UI campus
to include students as well. It is also expected that the work
conducted on the UI campus will be shared with libraries in Iowa
and across the country. The Carver funds of $376,002 will be used
to secure staff for the three-year period to design, test and
implement an innovative program for instruction in new
information resources.



The Iowa Chapter of the Association of Research Libraries
membership drive is underway. Applications for new or renewed
memberships can be obtained from any member of the Membership
Committee or Naomi Stovall, ILA Executive Assistant:

Naomi Stovall (515-243-2172), 823 Insurance Exchange Building,
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Bill Sayre, University of Iowa Main Library, Iowa City, Iowa
Daria Bossman, Morningside College. Hickman-Johnson-Furrow
Library Center, 1601 Morningside Ave. Sioux City, Iowa 51106

Julie Hansen, William Penn College, Wilcox Library, 201 Trueblood
Ave., Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577

Pam Kress, Loras College, Wahlert Memorial Library, 1450 Alta
Vista, Dubuque, Iowa 52004-0178
John Schacht, University of Iowa Main Library, Iowa City, Iowa
Dan Schiefelbein, Iowa Central Community College, Library, 316 NW
3rd, Eagle Grove, Iowa 50533
Cedra Williamson, Coe College, Stewart Memorial Library, 1220
First Avenue, NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402-5092

Remember to check the IACRL box on the ILA application form.
There will be no additional charge, but if you do not check the
form, you will not be counted as an IACRL member. If you believe
you have inadvertently forgotten to check IACRL, please contact
Naomi or one of the committee members, who will see to it that
your name gets counted.  Thank you,
Bill Sayre, Chair, Membership Committee.


A bit later in the year the ILA/ACRL Nominating Committee will be
asking you for names of "a few good members." Believe it or not,
we'll need to be thinking of 1997 committee and officer
candidates for the Chapter by late Spring. In the meantime, take
a look at the list of committees in your 1996 Directory and see
if there is a committee which interests you, or which would be
perfect for someone you know. Keep this in mind, and when the
Nominating Committee asks for volunteers, you and your colleagues
will be able to respond positively.  Thanks so much, Mary
McInroy, Vice President/President Elect & Chair of the Nominating


     May I make
     a survey ?
     I promise
  And the pursuit
     of Truth.

     I request
      a dime
   of your time.
  T'is a pittance
   easily drawn
from the vast hoards
     of change
  collecting dust
    on your desk.

 In digital glitter
my silver-lined study
     will glow
   with the show
     of Truth
When all the change
    has vanished
   into the mint.

Richard Reitsma December 5, 1995

ASIS at University of Iowa

The acronym ASIS stands for the American Society for Information
Science, a professional society dedicated to the creation,
organization, dissemination and application of knowledge
concerning information and its transfer.

The University of Iowa student chapter of the American Society
for Information Science actively seeks speakers and speaker
topics for their Brown Bag Lunch seminars which are held
bimonthly in the School of Library & Information Science at the
University of Iowa. In order to promote informal yet informative
discussion of trends in the field of Library & Information
Science, this new lunch/brunch welcomes University of Iowa
Professional and Paraprofessional staff members as well as
Library & Information Science students.

The contribution by employed professionals to the practical
education of Library and Information Science students is
exemplary and to be applauded. Both professionals and
paraprofessionals attend the lunch gatherings alongside students,
and these insights from the audience are valuable additions to a
well-rounded education.  Previous lunch discussions have

- Electronic Reserves on the Internet, by Sarah Baker of ICAEN
(Iowa Computer Aided Engineering Network);

- Medical Informatics, by Professor Connie Delaney of the School
of Nursing;

- Professional Challenges in a Dynamic Electronic Environment, by
Dottie Persson, dual Physics and 
Psychology Librarian.

American Society for Information Science. Student Chapter
University of Iowa

Eva Holtsmark, Chair 

FRIENDS Groups Announcements

The following announcement comes from the University of Iowa.

Join Iowa author and filmaker Max Allan Collins for the kickoff

The April 26 program will include a screening of Collins' recent
film, "Mommy" and a dinner with the author. The film screening
will be held between 4 and 6 p.m. in the Shambaugh Auditorium at
the Main Library of the University of Iowa. Reservations are not
required, and the screening is free. Collins will be present, and
a question and answer session will follow the screening.

Reservations are required for the dinner. Admission is $26 for
members of the Friends of the University of Iowa Libraries or $30
for the general public. The dinner will be held in the Triangle
Ballroom at the Iowa Memorial Union from 6-10 pm. Collins will
give a presentation following the dinner.

Max Collins, mystery and comic strip writer, filmaker, screen
writer and musician has a broad range of projects to his credit.
He is well known for his traditional, hard-boiled mysteries, has
written for the Dick Tracy comic strip (1977-1993), and most
recently wrote, directed and produced "Mommy".  " Mommy" is a
campy suspense thriller starring the adult Patty McCormick who
gained fame as the Academy Award nominated child actress in "The
Bad Seed."

Also, the Friends of the University of Iowa Libraries will hold a
book sale the following day, Saturday 27 April, 1996 from 9:00
a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The book sale will be in the Main Library on
the south end of the second floor.

Reported by Kathy Wachel




The Archives of Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) is in
full operation in Iowa State University's Parks Library. At
present numbering over 350 collections, the Archives has made
significant advances in fulfillment of its mission to document
the history of women in science and engineering.

The collections, representing fields as diverse as botany and
structural engineering, are interesting from many perspectives.
One may for example see the corporate papers of the Association
for Women Geoscientists and, among individual collections, the
papers of E. Gail de Planque, outgoing Commissioner of the U.S.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission. De Planque's academic background
includes a bachelor's degree in mathematics, a master's in
physics, and a Ph. D. in environmental health sciences. Her
subsequent career has been equally varied.

In assembling such materials, the WISE advisory board and
founders Dr. Evelyn Weber and Dr. Darleane Hoffman have indeed
provided an impressive start to a most daunting endeavor.
(Reported by Jeff Dodd)

CHADWICK LIBRARY (Iowa Wesleyan College)

Chadwick Library has two special collections - Lincoln Collection
(materials related to Robert Todd Lincoln) and an Iowa Collection
that has rare and/or old books on Iowa history.

Reported by Phil Hjemboe


St. Ambrose University Library will open for
business in its new building on Monday, March 18, 1996, according
to Corinne Potter, Library Director. The beautiful new building
will have almost three times as much space as the McMullen
Library facility. A new name has not yet been chosen for the new
building. Existing telephone numbers will still apply: Corinne
Potter, Director, (319) 333-6241; Marylaine Block, Reference
(319) 333-6245; Carol Anne DeMarr, Circulation (319) 333-6246.
The Fax number will change to (319) 333-6248. Interlibrary loan
service will resume April 1. Formal dedication ceremonies will be
held May 12th.

Additional news from St Ambrose and their director:  St Ambrose
University Library has two web sites located on the University's
Home page: The Library's Home Page is
shown under Library Services on the University home page, and
provides access to a variety of our holdings and policies. Here
you also will be able to access Marylaine Block's web page called
"Where the Wild Things Are." This is a reference librarian's
guide to the best information on the web and is composed of a
short list of about 1500 terrific sites, including a Reference
Desk, arranged by question.
(Reported by Kathy Wachel)

North Iowa Area Community College will host the
annual North Iowa Library Cooperative Conference, August 15-16,
1996. This year's theme is "Doing More with Less." The featured
speaker for this two-day conference will be Dr. Shay Baker, from
the School of Library and Information Science at the University
of Iowa. The Cooperative is a multi-type consortium of public,
school, academic, and special libraries, plus area education

Iowa Wesleyan College, Chadwick Library will
install a CD-ROM network this spring to extend the availability
of the CD-ROM databases in the library by allowing any connected 
machine to access any of them. Currently these databases are
available at standalone terminals with attached CD-ROM changers.
The databases include Periodical Abstracts Ondisc and three full-
text newspapers:the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the
Des Moines Register. One workstation to be added will also be
equipped to use with non-networked multi-media CD-ROM products.
(Reported by Phil Hjemboe)

Iowa State University

William Lee has begun new duties as the University Records
Manager with the Special Collections Department. Though he has
changed departments, his phone and e-mail addresses remain the

Carolyn Opsomer has begun work as Director of Development for the
Iowa State University Library. Her academic background includes
both B.A. and M.B.A. degrees. She comes from Cornell University
where she served as Associate Director of the Law School Annual

University of Iowa

Susan A. Marks, Coordinator of Access Services, has assumed
expanded responsibility for system-wide access services,
automation, and space planning.

Keith Rageth has been appointed Circulation and Document Delivery
Librarian, beginning April 1, 1996. Keith's new duties add
Circulation and Bookstacks to his prior responsibilities as
manager of Interlibrary Loan and Reserves.

Regina Sinclair has been appointed to head the Preservation
Department. Her academic background includes the B.A. and
master's degree in both urban administration and informational
science. She comes to Iowa from Johns Hopkins University. She is
well known in the community of preservation librarians and serves
as a committee member within the Preservation and Reformatting
Section of ALCTS.

Maharishi University of Management (Library)

Maharishi University Library wishes to announce the appointment
of Mary Barbour as its new Interlibrary Loan and Serials
(Reported by Jeff Dodd)

This coming summer Art Hielkema will retire as Director of
Northwestern College's Ramaker Library. He
became Director in 1969 and served on the OCLC User's council in
the late 1970's and early 1980's. He also served on numerous
ILA/ACRL committees. Art was instrumental in making Ramaker
Library the first academic library in the state to bring up an
automated catalog in 1982 (BRS Search System). Art did not lock
his leading edge/bleeding edge experiences in a closet; he
generously shared his expertise with librarians across the state
who were negotiating the torturous path to automation. The new
Library Director will be Richard Reitsma who is currently
Reference Librarian at Ramaker Library.
(Reported by Richard Reitsma)

Editor's note: Richard was also last year's Editor of this


by Leo CLougherty, UI

The ILA/ACRL Scholarship Committee invites applications for the
awards which are meant to assist librarians and library science
students to attend the ILA/ACRL Spring Conference described in
this Newsletter. The scholarships are given in memory of Patricia
Foley who was Chapter President in 1983 and 1984. Each of the two
awards includes a waiver of the conference registration fee and a
maximum of $35.00 for travel expenses. All librarians and library
science students are eligible to apply, although preference will
be given to those who have never attended of have not attended
recently. Application forms are being mailed to the directors of
all Iowa academic libraries. Deadline for applications is April
19, 1996. If you have any questions, please call Leo Clougherty
at 319-335-3085.


by Bob Rose, UNI

At the time of publication of the last newsletter, several
committee slots remained to be filled. All committee memberships
are now complete, and a list of additional or new committee
members follows:

Directory Committee
          Jeff Dodd, UI, 1997

Membership Committee
          Kris Gerhard, ISU, 1997

Spring Conference Program Committee
          Mary Anne Knefel, University of Dubuque, 1996

Staff Development Committee
          David Iversen, Drake, 1997

Scholarship Committee
          Leo Clougherty, Chair, UI, 1996

I regret having to report that Tina Herb, Past President of
ILA/ACRL and Chair of the Scholarship Committee, has resigned
from that position due to increased job responsibilities. Leo
Clougherty has graciously agreed to serve as Chair of the
Scholarship Committee for the remainder of the year.

Meeting Held at the 1996 San Antonio Mid-Winter Conference

The Chapters Council is made up of representatives from all state
ACRL chapters, and is one way that local issues can be heard at
the national level. Due to a scheduling conflict, ILA/ACRL
president Bob Rose could not attend this meeting, so I attended
in his place.

From the sound of discussions at this meeting and of remarks by
both ACRL President Pat Brevik and President-Elect William
Miller, it may soon become easier for people involved at the
local level to be appointed to national ACRL committees. This
fits in with the new ACRL Strategic Plan and with an increased
interest on the part of the national ACRL to work more closely
with state chapters. Committee terms are 2 years in length,
staggered, and you can even "intern" with a committee.

One member of the Nebraska chapter approached me about having a
joint meeting of our two state chapters, e.g., perhaps a joint
Nebraska/Iowa ACRL Spring Conference in some future year. After
running this idea by the ILA/ACRL Executive Board at our March 1
meeting, I will explore this idea further with Chris LeBeau, Vice
President/President Elect of the Nebraska Chapter. This possible
joint conference will be held no sooner than Spring 1998. Those
members who attend our May 3 Spring Conference at Buena Vista
will hear more details and be asked for their input on the
feasibility of this plan.

If any of you would like a copy of my complete notes from the
Chapters Council meeting, let me know via e-mail, phone, or
regular mail and I will make sure you get a copy. I have them
ready to go out on e-mail, so that would be the preferred method.

Mary McInroy, UI, ILA/ACRL Vice President/President Elect 
phone (319) 335-5926


by Bob Rose, UNI

ACRL is seeking increased participation from its members and
chapters in national ACRL conferences. The 8th National ACRL
Conference will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, April 11-14,
1997. The conference theme is "Choosing Our Futures," with sub-
themes focusing on partnerships and competition; changing work
roles and organizations; funding strategies; learning styles and
technologies; and equity, diversity, and social responsibility.

There are many ways in which Chapter members can participate in
the Conference (beyond simply attending). There are opportunities
to form panel programs, present research papers, or case studies.
These activities are reviewed by program review committees.
ILA/ACRL could even sponsor one of these activities if we wanted.
Another opportunity open to Chapters is to host a round table
discussion group.

There are a lot of exciting things going on in Iowa libraries
these days, many of which would be of interest to our colleagues
in other states. Contributed papers from our Spring conference
might also be a springboard for a paper or panel presentation at
ACRL. I hope as many ILA/ACRL members as possible will consider
attending and actively participating in the conference.

Additional - and updated - information on the conference,
including proposed submission deadlines, can be found at the
conference web site:

Iowa OCLC Users Set Annual Conference

The Iowa OCLC Users Group annual conference is scheduled for June
7 at the Central College Maytag Student Center in Pella. The
theme for this year's conference is "Netting the Future" and will
focus on communications and access to OCLC systems and services.
Regan Harper, Member Services Librarian at BCR in Denver, the
keynote speaker for the first general session, will address
communications options available to member libraries and new
methods of access. The second session will feature Iowa OCLC
librarians who use various methods of accessing OCLC, followed by
a time for questions and discussion.  The Cataloging,
Interlibrary Loan, Reference and Union Listing Sections plan
meetings and programs for the afternoon.

The registration fee of $15 includes lunch. IOUG is again
encouraging attendance by waiving the registration fee for staff
members from libraries which have not previously attended the
annual conference.
Lois Smith, President, Iowa OCLC Users Group, Central College,
Pella  (515) 628-5158

Eleventh Annual Workshop, May 17, 1996

Come join the Iowa Library Association Government Documents Round
Table's 11th Annual Workshop on May 17, 1996, 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
at the Parks Library of Iowa State University. This year's
workshop provides 2 three-hour training sessions for GPO Access
and also 2 three-hour sessions on government information on the
Internet. The trainers for GPO Access are from the Office of
Electronic Information Dissemination Services of the Government
Printing Office. The trainers for the Internet portion are
librarians from Iowa State University. Enclosed in this
newsletter is the registration form (available in the printed
newsletter, not in the online version). Please come and learn
about these sources of information. For more information contact
either Nancy Geiger, Cedar Rapids Public Library (319-398-5123),
Janet Klaas, Ames Public Library (515-233-2115), or Kathy A.
Parsons, Iowa State University (515-294-7886).