ILA/ACRL Newsletter, vol. 10, no. 1, March 2000

President's Piece

Dear Colleagues,

By now we have all survived Y2K and are already looking forward to Y3K (it will be a bit of a wait). As your new president, I have a fresh appreciation for all those messages I received from Chris Neuhaus letting us know about the various happenings within our busy organization. So without further ado, here is my list:

You should have in your hands the brand-new 2000 membership directory, and I hope you will take a moment to send a note of thanks to Susan Knippel and her colleagues on the Directory Committee, who made it all possible. Susan's e-mail address, from the Directory, is

Since it is now halfway through February, you can imagine how busy the members of the Spring Conference are in preparing for the May 12, 2000 meeting in Ames. The committee is ably led by Kathy Parsons from ISU, who is joined by Joyce Lindstrom (ISU), Joan Loslo (UNI), Susan Moore (UNI), and Kris Stacy-Bates (ISU). They are working busily to get the details ironed out for an excellent conference! By the way, the title of the conference is "Academic and Research Libraries: Working with the Constancy of Change." You can find out more about the conference at Get ready to come to Ames for a great time!

Equally busy is the Fall Program Committee, which is actively engaged in planning our ILA/ACRL programs for the ILA meeting this fall in Ames. Rachel Crowley (Morningside College) is chair, with committee members Stephen Dew (UI), Susan Vega-Garcia (ISU), and Rebecca Jackson (ISU). We are looking forward to learning more about this fall's program!

Putting together the newsletter you are reading is not an easy task, and my thanks go to Newsletter Committee chair Ann Ford (UI), whose committee gathers and organizes each of the three issues of our newsletter this year. The ongoing task of drumming up new members falls to the energetic Membership Committee, led by Daria Bossman (Morningside College), and we can all help by spreading the word about our dynamic organization! Megan Adams (UNI), our efficient Webmaster, keeps everything on an electronic even keel. Thanks Megan! John Goodin (Luther) has succeeded Jane Kemp as our Legislative Network Representative. Finally, all of you should be ready this summer for a phone call from my successor, Jane Campagna (Scott Community College), asking you to carve out some time to help further our cause. Please say yes and make Jane's job easy!

I recently received from the ACRL central office a flyer outlining the ACRL's willingness to provide free preconference registration and a $250 stipend for one representative from our Iowa chapter to attend the ACRL Legislative Advocacy Preconference, July 7, 2000 in Chicago. This legislative program is an important part of ACRL's strategic plan and anyone interested should be ready to work hard on behalf of academic libraries. The application form is in my hands and must be filled out and returned to ALA in Chicago by March 17. So anyone who is interested should get in touch with me at once. The first one who contacts me and is able to go gets the stipend! Hurry while this offer lasts!

Get ready for another great year for the ILA/ACRL. And thanks for being a contributing part of our group. All of you make good things happen for academic librarians in Iowa.

Don't forget to visit the ILA/ACRL website often for updates and information at

See you in Ames on May 12!

--Ed Goedeken, Iowa State University, President ILA/ACRL

Spring Conference May 12 in Ames

The Spring Conference Committee is busy preparing for the May 12, 2000, meeting in Ames. Committee members are Kathy Parsons from ISU (chair), Joyce Lindstrom (ISU), Joan Loslo (UNI), Susan Moore (UNI), and Kris Stacy-Bates (ISU). You can find out more and even register at The conference will be held at the ISU Memorial Union. The registration fee is $40 for ILA/ACRL members, $50 for non-members and $20 for students.

Friday morning will feature an address by Sharon Hogan, University Librarian at the University of Illinois at Chicago. ACRL recently named Ms. Hogan Academic Research Librarian of the Year 2000. Presentations of papers by academic librarians are scheduled for the afternoon session. For those arriving early, there will be an informal dinner on Thursday night at Reiman Gardens. The cost will be $15.

The title of the conference is "Academic and Research Libraries: Working with the Constancy of Change." Please note that the Call for Presentations is open until March 17. Plan to come to Ames for another great conference!

--Susan Lerdal, Iowa State University

IPAL 2000, A Conversation on Collaboration

Iowa Private Academic Libraries will hold their annual meeting Friday, March 24, 2000 at Coe College in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Special guests will be the IPAL Academic Deans.

Guest speakers for the event are Barbara Doyle-Wilch, Dean of Academic Services and Director of the Library at Augustana College, Larry Frye, Head Librarian at Wabash College, and Sharman Smith, Iowa State Librarian, State Library of Iowa.

Betty Rogers, Head of Reference, Stewart Library, Coe College is the IPAL Chair and has been responsible for the arrangements for the annual meeting. Further details are available on the webpage at

--Sandra Keist, Grandview College


From the American Institute of Commerce, Cedar Falls:

The Cedar Falls campus of the American Institute of Commerce will soon be changing its name to Hamilton College. AIC and the three Hamilton College campuses in Iowa have been part of the same organization since former owner John Huston purchased Hamilton Business College in the early 1990s. Since that time, AIC and the Hamilton College administration, faculty, and staff have worked closely together.

In 1998, the Hamilton College campuses and both the Cedar Falls and Davenport AIC campuses were purchased by Quest Education Corporation, a company with over 30 colleges around the country.

AIC and Hamilton College campuses offer associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates in paralegal, applied management, accounting, travel, and technology-based programs such as computer information systems and Microsoft-certified systems engineering.

Cedar Falls AIC Executive Director, Marty Ehrenberg, stated that discussions regarding the campus becoming part of Hamilton College have been in progress for about a year. He stated that the reasons for doing so include: the proximity to the Hamilton Colleges in Cedar Rapids, Mason City, and Des Moines, and the plans for Hamilton to offer four-year degrees in the future.

Ehrenberg also stated that signs and letterhead with the new name are being prepared and the Cedar Falls AIC campus is just waiting for the U.S. Department of Education to give their final approval before they can be used.

--Judy Mitchell, American Institute of Commerce, Cedar Falls

From Cole Library, Cornell College, Mount Vernon

Dr. Jean Donham is the new College Librarian at Cole Library. She was previously a Professor in the University of Iowa School of Library and Information Science through December 1999.

News from the Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa:

Special Collections and systems staff at UNI's Rod Library have developed "Index UNI," an index to publications by and about the University of Northern Iowa. This Web-based index provides author, title, subject, and keyword access to publications such as the student newspaper, alumni magazines, news releases, and the staff newsletter. At this point, "Index UNI" retrieves citations, with full text available in a limited number of cases. A newspaper digitization project should increase full text capability within the next few months. "Index UNI" currently provides access to over 60,000 news articles, feature stories, letters, editorials, photos, and creative pieces. Coverage, with some gaps, reaches back to 1878. The ongoing indexing project adds new items to the database daily. "Index UNI" is a good tool with which to locate information about the university's history, people, curriculum, buildings, and organizations. "Index UNI" is available at:

The Rod Library has recently initiated a series of public relations initiatives aimed at drawing student and faculty attention to Rod Library resources and services. The Rod Library has recently formed a Library Marketing Committee. Members of the Rod Library have offered private demonstrations of library resources to a number of university administrators. This semester, members of the Rod Library are working with four UNI students from a Senior Business Seminar to create a marketing plan that attracts underclassmen to the Rod Library and alerts these freshmen and sophomores to the range of electronic reference tools at their disposal. The Rod Library will soon take a more active role in UNI Freshman Orientation. Librarians will speak both to parents and to students about the benefits accrued from the regular use of library resources and services.

The University of Northern Iowa will soon create an annual UNI Achievements website that should include a number of entries covering the recent accomplishments of the Rod Library. The Library is also now making regular use of the recently introduced weekly electronic newsletter UNIOnline - for UNI faculty. The Rod Library has used UNIOnline to announce new services, new databases, workshops and bibliographic instruction, and special library displays and events.

(Thanks to Chris Neuhaus, University of Northern Iowa, who contributed the above article)

Rod Library has recently announced the availability of a document delivery service via the UNI UnCover Gateway for use by University faculty as a pilot project.

Personnel matters:

Colleen Valente, formerly with MIT Libraries in Cambridge, MA., will join University of Northern Iowa as Head of Cataloging on March 1, 2000.

(Thanks to Marilyn Mercado, University of Northern Iowa, for the two news items above)

--Judy Mitchell, AIC

News from the Parks Library, Iowa State University:

The Library's journal cancellation project (1998/1999) is winding down with the cancellation of approximately $550,000 worth of serials. The list of cancelled titles is available on the Library's web site at

A targeted increase to our base Library Materials and Access budget from President Jischke was enabled the Library to purchase $200,000 of new electronic resources this fiscal year.

The Consortium of Iowa Archivists will meet at Iowa State University on May 18, 2000 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.. Anyone who is responsible for or works with archival collections is welcome to attend. For more information, please contact: Tanya Zanish-Belcher at 515-294-6648, e-mail:

Personnel matters:

Allen Shorter was hired as the new Webmaster for the Library. Tanya Zanish-Belcher has been named Head of Special Collections at the Iowa State University Library. Her appointment began 01 February, 2000.

The Library is currently conducting a search for a Language and Literatures subject specialist.

--Jill Osweiler, Iowa State University

News from the University of Iowa Libraries:

In December 1999 the Board of the Carver Charitable Trust announced funding for a science information literacy initiative at the U of I Libraries. The funding is for two years for a total of $269,512, with plans to start the project this summer with newly hired staff.

Reference Services Award to Dave Martin: J. David Martin is the first recipient of the Arthur Benton Excellence in Reference Services Award to be given biennially to a University Libraries' professional staff member who has demonstrated outstanding commitment in providing reference services for the university community. The $1,000 award (funded from interest generated from the Arthur Benton Excellence in Reference Services Award Development Fund) will support the winner's professional development activities related to the advancement of reference services. Dave is Head, Marvin A. Pomerantz Business Library, having begun his career at the UI Libraries in 1974. Many of us remember Dave's term as ILA/ACRL president in 1986.

New online catalog software: The NOTIS software that has been the basis of OASIS, the libraries' online catalog, will soon be replaced with a new integrated library system. The name of the software is ALEPH 500(pronounced AH-leff), produced by the Ex Libris Corporation. The staff of the libraries is much involved with planning, training and testing to meet the date of full implementation in August.

Powerful Learning, Powerful Partnerships Conference: The UI Libraries and the UI Center for Teaching sponsored a conference held November 11-12, 1999, at the Iowa Memorial Union. The conference provided an opportunity for library professionals, technologists and faculty to share their experiences on teaching with technology. Plenary speakers were Brian Hawkins, President of EDUCAUSE, and Betsy Wilson, University of Washington Libraries. Conference participants, including many of our colleagues in ILA/ACRL, came from 106 institutions.

Personnel matters: Sheila D. Creth resigned at the end of 1999 as University Librarian, in order to build a consulting business. UI Provost Jon Whitmore appointed Barbara Dewey as Interim University Librarian to serve until a permanent University Librarian has been appointed. The interim period is expected to be approximately six months. Four candidates for the University Librarian position were interviewed in February and March.

Joan Falconer will retire March 31 after serving nearly fifteen years as Rita Benton Music Librarian. Sandra Phelps joined the staff at Hardin Library for the Health Sciences on September 22. Phelps, serving a one-year temporary appointment as reference and instruction librarian, is filling a vacancy created when Melanie Wilson left for Portland, Oregon, where she will study on a National Library of Medicine Fellowship. Kathy Magarrell joined the staff on September 1, 999, as temporary reference librarian in Information, Research, and Instruction Seminar (IRIS). Lissa Lord resigned as Team Leader for Research Services, Information Research and Instructional Services, effective March 29. She has accepted the position of Director of Electronic Communications at the Block Law Library at the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC). Brian Thompson joined the staff as ALEPH Implementation Librarian.

Professional positions open at U of Iowa. (For further information see Web page at
Project Librarian, Science Information Literacy Initiative
Electronic Resources Access Specialist

--Charlene Lehman, University of Iowa Libraries

Newsletter Committee:

Ann Ford, (UI), Editor
Suzanne Julich (UI)
Sandra Keist (Grandview College)
Charlene Lehman (UI)
Susan Lerdal (ISU)
Judy Mitchell (AIC)
Jill Osweiler (ISU)

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