Taking Care of Ourselves During Times of Crisis

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Finding a work-life balance that works for us and allows us to live our best, most fulfilling lives is difficult under normal circumstances, and during our current reality of worldwide pandemic, quarantining, isolating, economic uncertainty and precarity, and climate crisis, it seems like a nearly impossible task. 

During our virtual town hall sessions self-care and coping strategies have been a recurring topic of discussion, so I thought it would be useful to put together a post with information on stress and trauma responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and resources to support and care for yourself during this weird time. 

I hope that you find something here that works for you! 


Maggie Halterman-Dess 
Electronic Communications Committee Chair 


Trauma and Stress Responses & Self-Care: 

The Trauma Stewardship Institute’s Tiny Survival Guide (.pdf) 

Occupational Therapist Hannah Daisy’s #BoringSelfCare is particularly relevant 

Lisa Olivera, LMFT, has a wonderful Instagram account as well as a few blog posts 

Some good twitter threads:




Taking time to breathe deeply has beneficial effects (Youtube)

The gif above is from a chronic illness (and other topics) Youtuber I enjoy, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard. She has several good videos about self-isolating and coping.

For Parents and Caregivers: