The Future of Cataloging

The Future of Cataloging

Dreama Deskins, Technical Services and Information Technology Librarian, Johnston Public Library

Lori Osmus Kappmeyer, Associate Professor, Head, Metadata and Cataloging Department, Iowa State University, Ames

This fascinating session drew many catalogers, but also some reference librarians. This reviewer thought it an important session for all areas of librarianship. Lori, a veteran cataloger who has seen many changes in her long career, brought us quickly up-to-date with the changes going forward as we move from MARC records to a Bibframe universe. Authority control and linked data will have more flexibility and we learned how RDA (Resource Description and Access) can be useful in a linked data world. She gave us some recommendations to position our technology and communities for the newly efficient workflow (the use of spreadsheets for fields) and the access environment and how that will strengthen our library and information science profession. She stressed that catalogers will devote more time to cataloging materials unique to their collections. She added that we need to study and implement standards development, such as Bibframe, create better-structured machine-usable data, and boldly do the needful to enter our future with enthusiasm, confidence and best practice. This reviewer wishes that every one of the conference attendees could have been at this excellent session.

Reported by Stella Herzig