Newsletter Nov/Dec 2008: Changes and Challenges in the Coming Year

President's Piece

from Mary Heinzman, ILA/ACRL President

 Libraries of all types will be facing many changes and challenges within the next few months.  The economy, of course, will create challenges in how we spend our budgets and utilize staff time.  When I attended the ILA conference in October, I heard about a lot of technological changes that libraries can incorporate to provide new or better service to their patrons.  Not all of this technology costs money, so even with tougher economic times libraries will still be able to try new things.

This is also a good time to explore opportunities to collaborate with other libraries.  Consortial purchases of databases, shared online catalogs, collaborative training for staff, and use of open source software are just a few of those opportunities.  Taking advantage of professional organizations' conferences, webinars, and discussions on listservs are other low cost ways to learn from each other.  Be sure to watch for information about the Iowa ACRL spring conference on April 17th that will be held in Waterloo.  There will be some good presentations!

Another change happening in the Iowa ACRL chapter is the election of new officers.  Brett Cloyd from the University of Iowa will be taking over as President of this group in January.  There are other new members of the executive board as well, and they all have good ideas for ways the group can provide services to the members.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your President this year.  I have gained valuable experience and have enjoyed working with you all.