Officers and Committee Membership

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2020 ILA/ACRL Executive Board Officers
President: Elizabeth Riordan, University of Iowa 
Vice President/President-elect: Kate Faford-Johnson, University of Dubuque
Past President: Julia Salting, St. Ambrose University
Secretary/Treasurer: Lindsay Healy, Des Moines Area Community College

At Large Rep (2020): Cathy Cranston, University of Iowa
At Large Rep (2021): Emma Adams, Des Moines Area Community College
Fall Conference Liaison: Erica Knapp, Northeast Iowa Community College

2020 Ex Officio Executive Board Members        
ACRL Chapters Council Rep: Carrie Dunham-LaGree, Drake University
Government Relations Rep: Brett Cloyd, University of Iowa

ILA Liaison: Cara Stone

2020 Committee Roster (committee chairs serve as voting members to the Executive Board)

Spring Conference Program Committee (July 1-June 30)


Mary Anderson (co-chair)

Central College

Beth McMahon (co-chair)

University of Dubuque

Anna Schmall

Mount Mercy

2021 or 2022 (TBD)

Cathy Cranston (chair)

University of Iowa

Mary Anderson

Central College

Amanda Jenkins

Luther College

Sarah Slaughter

University of Dubuque

Electronic Communications Committee

Maggie Halterman-Dess (chair)

University of Iowa

Joe Letriz

University of Dubuque

Jill O'Neill

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

James Cox

University of Iowa

Awards Committee

Julia Salting

St. Ambrose University


Kris Stacey-Bates

Iowa State University


Cara Stone

Iowa State University


Sara Scheib

University of Iowa


College and Career Readiness Committee

Katie Hassman (Chair)

University of Iowa

Jennifer Smith

St. Ambrose


Anne Marie Gruber

University of Northern Iowa


Jenay Solomon

University of Iowa


Christine Whitney

Des Moines Area Community College


Kate Hess

Kirkwood Community College

IASL Members

Jen Dovre (IASL liaison)



Jenny Wirtz



Ericka Raber (Ex Officio)



Membership Committee

Kate Faford-Johnson (chair)

University of Dubuque

Amandajean Nolte


Professional Development Committee

Laurie Neuerburg (chair)

University of Iowa

Katelyn Handler

Grand View 

Charles Yier

Iowa State University